WebZine FollowUp

Update: I forgot to point something out about my slides- when viewing them, if you hit the little Ø character (in the controls in the bottom-right corner) to view an outline version of the presentation, which includes some notes, which should hopefully help the slides make more sense to those who weren’t present.

ryan talking

What an awesome weekend.

WebZine 2005 (my first WebZine) was a wonderful collection of technologists, activists, journalists and various other -ists. This mixture made for a an very fertile arena for discussions- discussions of everything from legal issues to obscure HTML markup (that was me!).

ryan talking

I think my presentation went over well. You can see the slides on line here. I’ve tried to add notes on some of the slides, so that those of you who weren’t able to show up in person could still get the grasp of what I was trying to communicate. However, if you find anything that seems confusing, please feel free to ask (either in the comments here or in one of our other discussion channels).
ryan talking

There are actually a few questions that came up in the presentation (thanks Cal and Simon!) that I need to take some time to explain in written from (because they’re important and someone dense topics). I’ll hopefully get to them in the next few days.

(Thanks to Scott Beale for the photos on the right.)


One Response to “WebZine FollowUp”

  1. Chris Messina :

    Hey Ryan,

    Really enjoyed your presentation! Even though I consider myself fairly well versed in MFs, I still learned quite a bit… I mean, TD headers?! a rev? Damn.

    Anyway, thanks for a rockin’ show Prof King!

    September 25th, 2005 at 10:27 pm