[uf-dev] hAtom xslt merged

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Mon Sep 18 13:58:17 PDT 2006

I've merged Robert Bachmann, et al's work on hAtom2Atom.xsl into our  
X2V and tests repositories.

Here's the basic method I used.

1. Use tailor to export and convert the SVN repo to a mercurial repo  

2. go to x2v repo and pull (with -f) from the tailor-generated repo.  
The -f is needed because the repos are unrelated (ie, they share 0  

3. branch merge

4. remove the stuff we don't need. I removed the tests from x2v and  
the xslt's from 'tests'.

5. repeat 2-4 for the tests repo, but this time deleting the other  

Hopefully this will help some collaboration.

Robert Bachmann now has push access to x2v and tests.


[1] Tailor config file I used, YMMV:

verbose = True

target = hg:target
start-revision = INITIAL
root-directory = /Users/ryan/microformats
state-file = tailor.state
source = svn:source
subdir = h2v/


module = /trunk/
repository = http://rbach.priv.at/repos/hatom/hatom2atom.xsl/

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