[uf-dev] HG XSLT Updates

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 07:45:41 PST 2007

Robert and I have been IMing back and forth with new ideas and
improvements to the XSLT files. I took some time yesterday and brought
alot of the code up to XSLT2 because of the ability to pass-back an
node-set as a variable. So it allows to pass more than one-string back
to the calling template.

The idea behind all of this is to have a master mf-template.xsl to do
all the heavy-lifting and then if you want to create a new template to
convert hCard->CVS it is as easy as just calling functions to extract
the data. No knowledge of the underlying mechanices of WHERE exactly
to decode microformats from, but just that the function returns the
string(s) you need.

So i checked all the code in, but we are probably going to back-port
alot of it to just EXSLT. XSLT2 can easily be added back in, the
problem is that only saxon supports it at the moment, whereas XSLT1
with EXSLT is more readily supported. In the future we can migrate
back to XSLT2 (we already have working code).

Just a heads-up that in the weeks to come there will be some changes
to the XSLT templates and the corresponding test cases as well.

Robert has also been working on a very nice perl script to run the
tests and display errors in a nice coloured format.

If anyone has any questions/concerns just let us know.


brian suda

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