[uf-dev] badly formatted hCard? (elements in children of class)

gabriele renzi rff.rff at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 06:27:51 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

given this code

div class="vcard">
    <span class="url fn">
      <a href="http://privpages.de">Melanie Klöß</a>
    <span class="adr">
      <span class="type" style="display:none;">home</span>
      <span class="street-address">Ippendorfer Weg. 24</span><br />
      <span class="postal-code">53127</span> <span
class="locality">Bonn</span><br />
      <span class="country-name" style="display:none;">Germany</span>

found online[1], am I correct in asuming that it is badly formatted?
Specifically, the "url" property is in a SPAN element, so I would use
"Melanie Klöß" as its value, but I take it that the author wanted me
to use the child element, so the href value of the A tag.

Other uF parsers seem to handle this the same way that I do: look at
the element with that class, not at its children, thus extracting a
name as a url value.
Is this behaviour correct, or shall I do it differently (and report
bugs to other uf-parser authors) ?

Thanks in advance.

[1] http://weblog.netzgeschaedigt.de/?p=763

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blog it: http://riffraff.blogsome.com
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