[uf-dev] Using class for non-human data

Michael Kaply mkaply at us.ibm.com
Mon Jun 23 08:57:57 PDT 2008

> The following may of been easier for authors to understand?
> <span class="dtstart{2005-10-10T10:10:10-0100}">10 o'clock</span></span>
> The use of {} for data is becoming more popular with OpenSearch etc. It
> directly links the property and value.

But how would you detect this in a parser? Currently we look for a class of
dtstart. how would you do a getElementsByClassName?

I personally don't like the BBC suggestion at all. Hiding data in the class
tag just seems like a hack. Especially since I have to look at every class
attribute to decide if it is data for the microformat.

I'd almost rather use a non standard attribute.

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