[uf-dev] Human and machine readable data format

Dan Brickley danbri at danbri.org
Mon Jun 30 03:24:04 PDT 2008

Michael MD wrote:
>> The idea is that the parsers read the lang attribute on the abbr and
>> applies the correct language description. It will be a pain to build up
>> all the international descriptions needed, but it's the only way if we
>> wish to have human readable date's that can be parsed by machines.
> and what do we do about people who write something like "25th January" 
> when they really mean "25th January 2008" ?
> I think we have opened a nasty can of worms here!
> Some libraries for parsing dates will assume that it is this year.... 
> which is VERY bad
> ... it should be rejected as being ambiguous.

Similarly, times of day without specifying a reference timezone...




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