[uf-dev] Human and machine readable data format

Guillaume Lebleu guillaume at lebleu.org
Mon Jun 30 07:37:37 PDT 2008

Glenn Jones wrote:
> What I was suggesting is that the date in the title of abbr be in a
> fixed format, but also human readable. The text of the abbr tag could
> any format the author wanted.
> If a date in the did not comply to the fix format in any way it would be
> completely rejected by the parser  
> The format I suggested, has enough data to not be ambiguous. 
> Date: 25 January 2008
> Date: 25 January 2008 at 15:30 
> Date: 25 January 2008 at 15:30, Time zone +1:30
That looks to me like a possible good compromise. A couple questions:

    * What is the purpose of "Date:". Couldn't this be moved to the
      class attribute? or in the hCalendar context be inferred from
    * What do you think of my earlier suggestion to base the human and
      machine-readable on official writing practices in each locale (ex.
      in en-us: "January 25, 2008")
    * What do you think of the idea of making title optional if the
      date/time is already written in official writing practices in each


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