[uf-dev] Defining and Extending Value Excepting

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Thu May 22 03:22:03 PDT 2008

OK, pushing on a bit:

I've got one flaw with my own suggestion here, which is that using  
class="value" is going to cause a bit of car-crash in hCard, due to  
the two instances of machine-data identified in the tel property  
(documented on the wiki page <http://microformats.org/wiki/machine- 
data>). The type property works alongside the other specified use of  
value, whilst it's possible for the value itself to need a hidden data  
value. In combination with this new value-pattern, we could end up  
with mark-up like:

<p class="tel">
     <span class="type">
         Mobile Phone
         <span class="value" title="cell"></span>
     <span class="value">
          <span class="value" title="+15553676177"></span>

That's… messy. Value of Value is especially unpleasant, parsing the  
value of tel without parsing the value of type as the value of tel  
strikes me as complex (although, with value-excerpting itself not  
fully spec'd, maybe it could be made to work).

So I'm suggesting one quick alteration here, which is to use a  
class=data rather than class=value, so as to avoid the example above.  
I'm thinking this from a publisher point of view as much as anything;  
I'd like to avoid that above scenario of nesting the same class for  
different behaviours.

Once again, more feedback on the pattern from a parsing angle would be  
great. I'd like to be confident that the pattern is robust and  
parsable before presenting it to µf-discuss; I don't want to lose it  
in a maelstrom :-)



On 17 May 2008, at 23:08, Toby A Inkster wrote:
> Although this sounds like a nice idea, I've previously been informed  
> that requiring empty inline elements is a non-starter, as many HTML  
> processors (including "tidy" with its default settings) strip these  
> out.
> Preliminary testing with tidy (version: 1 September 2005) shows this  
> to be true. Some parsers, including X2V IIRC, pre-process non-XHTML  
> HTML by running it through tidy to get it into well-formed XML.  
> Skimming through the tidy documentation, I can't see a way of  
> disabling this empty inline element stripping behaviour.
> If people *want* to publish data that uses empty inline elements,  
> then that's fair enough, but with the current state of HTML  
> processors, it's probably unwise to publish a pattern that  
> *requires* the use of empty inline elements.
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