[uf-dev] The correct format of a ISO date

Mark Norman Francis norm at cackhanded.net
Fri May 23 11:51:14 PDT 2008

>> 07-05-01 (equals 2007-05-01)
>> 070501  (equals 2007-05-01)
> Thanks for these examples. Although the current version of Cognition  
> parses these dates correctly, it marks the "resolution" of the dates  
> as being "month" (because they only have 6 numeric digits), so when  
> outputting them will only output the year and month even though it  
> knows the day internally. :-( Fix in the next release.

Actually, according to the Wikipedia page on ISO 8601:
> ISO 8601 prescribes, as a minimum, a four-digit year [YYYY] to avoid  
> the year 2000 problem.

Not having a personal copy of 8601 to check, I can't verify this, but  
it seems wise to me. ;)

-- Norm.

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