[uf-dev] Django and Microformats

Nicholas Tollervey ntoll at ntoll.org
Sun Apr 19 08:55:38 PDT 2009


I’ve just created a new Django application that makes it easier to  
integrate and use Microformats in your web-application. I’m hosting it  
on GitHub:


You get the following:

     * Models relating to the geo, hCard, adr, hCalendar and XFN  
     * Simplified forms for the geo, hCard, adr, org, email, tel and  
hCalendar microformats and fragments.
     * The bare minimum admin functionality.
     * Template filters for the geo, hCard, adr, hCalendar and XFN  

This is a first shot at integrating Microformats into Django. There  
are missing microformats and I’m pretty sure some of the models could  
be improved as could the template filters. Inevitably the code needs  
to be cleaned up too. I’ll be using this library in a new web- 
application so expect this code to change as I find flaws and gremlins  
through using it “in anger”.

Feedback would be most welcome.


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