[uf-dev] Correction to hCard cheatsheet

Glenn Jones glenn.jones at madgex.com
Sat May 8 02:10:55 PDT 2010

Hi All

It looks like there may be a few errors in the
http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard-cheatsheet document. Eugene Strizhok
emailed me earlier this week to question some of the test cases in the
ufxtract test suite.

The 'type' subproperty of 'adr', 'email' and 'tel' properties is
singular on the cheatsheet, while your tests assume it to be plural.
Also on the cheatsheet 'role' property is marked as plural, but is
singular in the tests.

The affected tests are:
* http://ufxtract.com/testsuite/hcard/hcard12.htm
* http://ufxtract.com/testsuite/hcard/hcard6.htm
* http://ufxtract.com/testsuite/hcard/hcard14.htm
* http://ufxtract.com/testsuite/hcard/hcard13.htm
* http://ufxtract.com/testsuite/hcard/hcard1.htm (vcard[0].role)

I have looked at the original vcard spec -

The type property is mark as a single value, but carries any array of
items. The give the example looks like:


This has typical been converted into hCard specs as "OPTIONAL, and MAY
occur more than once". The cheatsheet would seem to be wrong. Also the
role is singular value "OPTIONAL, but MUST NOT occur more than once",
the cheatsheet looks wrong again.

Before I edited the wiki, I just wanted to check that my interpretation
is correct


Glenn Jones

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