[microformats-discuss] Wanted: Sample code to convert vcard to hcard

Bud Gibson bud at thecommunityengine.com
Mon Aug 8 14:05:59 PDT 2005

On Aug 8, 2005, at 11:49, brian suda wrote:

> As for the X-SKYPE-... namespace, there is no way for an hCard->vCard
> transforming application to be aware all different types of X-PARAMs
> possible. Because you could mix both CSS class names and Microformat
> properties on the same element, it is impossible to determine if
> X-SKYPE-SEX is a special hCard value outside the scope of the  
> profile, a
> CSS style, or something else!

I wouldn't be surprised if this overlooks something, but the  
following strikes me as possible.  You could write X2V in such a way  
that it includes (reads-in in the xslt sense) different files with  
template rules.  Then, you could make it extensible for these X- 
PARAMs simply by writing new template rules and including them.

It seems impossible to me to fully specify something like hCard in an  
XMDP because hCard is so fluid.  Further, in microformats, there is  
not really an automated method of validation using XML Schema or near  
substitute nor will there be in the foreseeable future.

However, it seems that well crafted xslt template rules could provide  
a pretty good sort of pseudo validation.  You add rules based on  
cases you believe to be (i.e., assert are) valid.


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