Blog post format challenge (was Re: [microformats-discuss] Weblog entries and forum posts)

Robert Bachmann rbach at
Sun Aug 14 03:16:21 PDT 2005

Tantek Çelik wrote:
> Prove your commitment to working on a blog post microformat based on valid
> semantic XHTML by exemplifying it.
> 1. Make sure your blog validates.
> That's two things actually.  First, start a blog yourself!
> There are at least two folks participating in this discussion thread who
> themselves do not have blogs!
> What are you thinking?
> Microformats are based on practical, first-hand experience.  Theoreticians
> and academics need not apply.
> You've got until your next post on this thread to start a blog and post a
> few times before you get called on it.

Tantek, no offense meant but that sounds a little harsh to me.
I agree that having a blog is very, very benefiting when you are about
to work on a blog posting format, but you can also have valuable
experience of existing practice just from reading blogs.

I don't understand why someone *must* have a blog to be allowed to take
part into this discussion.

For example I don't have a blog but I participated with comments/ideas
to the discussion on the blog _description_ format. I think that (at
least) one of these ideas[1] made sense and could be beneficial.


(The "blueprint" for Björn's real world example on his blog:
Robert Bachmann <rbach at> (OpenPGP KeyID: 0x4A5CCF10)

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