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Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Aug 14 12:49:02 PDT 2005

On 8/14/05 12:39 PM, "Edward Summers" <ehs at pobox.com> wrote:

>> If people are not publishing a certain kind of information on the
>> web yet,
>> then IMHO it is premature to develop a microformat for it.
>> This isn't a discouragement of your efforts.  I am merely trying to
>> make
>> sure you're using the proper motivations.
> Yes I understand (and relish) the "pave the cow-paths" philosophy,
> and it's why I think COinS might have some potential as a
> microformat. 


> OpenURLs are widely used by publishers and libraries,
> and library software companies around the world. COinS is just a way
> to encode OpenURLs in HTML to enable third party use.
> Just a couple examples of OpenURL usage:
> - Crossref is an independent membership organization of 1466
> publishers, and is the official DOI registrar. They have a OpenURL
> resolver: http://www.crossref.org/openurl_info.html
> - ExLibris' SFX the most popular commercial link resolver used in
> libraries around the world : http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/sfx.htm
> - CUFTS a popular opensource OpenURL resolver developed at Simon
> Fraser University http://cufts.lib.sfu.ca/
> And COinS:
> - OpenInformatics Firefox Extension for extracting COinS http://
> www.openly.com/openurlref/
> - HubMed alternate interface to the PubMed Medical Database: http://
> www.hubmed.org/ (do a search, view source, and search for z39.88.
> - CiteUlike citation management software http://www.citeulike.org/
> The hope is that we can leverage this work as a microformat to spread
> usage outside of the library world into the blogosphere and beyond.
> If anyone thinks this might have some potential I'll add some stuff
> to the wiki to get started.

Yes. This is great stuff to add to the cite-formats page which Brian Suda
(just, like minutes ago) started:




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