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Tantek Çelik tantek at technorati.com
Fri Aug 19 10:40:35 PDT 2005

Greetings microformatters!

The goal is to "address this digital data challenge".

I think microformats are the answer.  Especially on the Web.

I strongly encourage each of you who are passionate about microformats 
and have built cool stuff to send in a speaking proposal for ETech 

I am planning to send in a few proposals myself, and I am also 
available to help with feedback on proposals etc. as well.



Begin forwarded message:

> From: O'Reilly Conferences <elists-admin at oreillynet.com>
> Date: August 19, 2005 10:28:53 AM PDT
> To: Tantek <tantek at technorati.com>
> Subject: O'Reilly ETech 2006 Call for Participation
> Since we first conceived the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
> (ETech) five years ago, the stuff of which it is made shows no sign of
> abating: bandwidth continues to broaden, cycles are going spare, 
> storage
> grows ever larger and cheaper, and content keeps pouring from the
> firehose.
> We've just opened the Call for Participation for the 2006 edition of 
> ETech
> to address this digital data challenge. It's no longer about generating
> it--we have more than enough already. How do we visualize the data, 
> filter
> it, remix it, and access it in ways meaningful to us? The opportunity
> created by the massive data web is one of social good, of personal
> benefit, and of business advantage.
> If this intrigues you as much as it beckons to us, and if you have a
> solution to propose, we'd like to invite you to lead a session or 
> tutorial
> at the conference. More details about what we're looking for and the
> proposal submission form is here:
> http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/et2006/create/e_sess/
> The ETech audience consists of technologists and strategists, CTOs and
> chief scientists, researchers, programmers, hackers, and standards
> workers, business developers entrepreneurs, and other interested 
> parties.
> ETech will be held March 6-9, 2006 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San
> Diego, CA, USA.
> Some of the topics on our radar for this year's edition of ETech are:
> - Aggregation, Attention, Attenuation
> What tools and techniques have alpha-geeks and research labs produced 
> and
> employed to put IM, email, RSS readers, and high-use systems back in 
> the
> service of the user, instead of the other way around? What 
> methodologies,
> design elements, and application features help you manage distractions 
> and
> achieve focus?
> - Externalities, Affordances, and Unintended Consequences
> How does one identify one's own externalities and turn them to one's 
> own
> advantage? Open the door to customers and downstream developers and
> resellers?Where are the affordances guiding interaction of data and
> services between realms?
> - Outside-In
> The remix ecosystem encourages design for the people who will use it. 
> In
> many subtle and not-so-subtle ways we're seeing user experience and 
> design
> returning to software. How does one escape the standard
> database-view-as-application of the 90s? What developments in UI and 
> design promise to empower users rather than confuse and overwhelm them?
> - You Can Take It With You!
> With a global population always on the move, how do we marry the
> flexibility of end-to-end applications to the power of disconnected
> operation? What techniques let us successfully take web applications
> disconnected and then resynchronize when we are next connected?
> - Data as Platform
> With Google joining the ranks of water, power, and gas as an assumed
> utility (at least in the popular mindset), are there more data sources 
> and
> services in our midst that are all but assumed to be there? How can 
> data
> visualization use our cognitive preattention to assimilate data 
> quickly,
> rather than just paging through a database view? Will remixing always 
> be a
> hack, or are there ways to offer stable commercial services around 
> remixed
> applications?
> - Business
> What will the new business models look like? Will we simply fall back 
> into
> our old 90s habits? Or, perhaps worse, shy away from taking the risks
> needed for truly innovative ideas to have a chance?
> - Radar Traces
> What are we missing? What's keeping you up at night, noodling, writing
> code, and pushing the edge? What are you building in your garage?
> These are just some of the technologies and transformations we've 
> noticed
> and represent just the starting point as we build this year's ETech. 
> While
> we'd like you to tap into the theme as your inspiration in writing your
> proposal, feel free to wander. What are you working on that will change
> the world, or at least the world you're in? What project is bringing 
> you
> pleasure, or teasing your brain? Surprise and delight us, shake us out 
> of
> our assumptions.
> Even if you're not one for speaking or leading a tutorial, use this
> opportunity to suggest speakers, topics, or technologies you think we
> should explore or wish you knew more about. Drop us a line at
> etech_suggest at oreilly.com and tell us what would make this year's 
> ETech a
> must-attend.
> Rael Dornfest,
> ETech Program Chair
> For information on exhibiting or becoming a sponsor, contact
> Andrew Calvo at (country code 01) (707) 827-7176, or 
> andrewc at oreilly.com
> for more info.
> To become a media sponsor at O'Reilly conferences, contact Margi Levin 
> at
> (country code 01) (707) 827-7184, or margi at oreilly.com
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