[microformats-discuss] Picoformats

Dimitri Glazkov dimitri.glazkov at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 19:13:25 PDT 2005

On 8/24/05, Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com> wrote:
> On Aug 24, 2005, at 6:19 AM, Dimitri Glazkov wrote:
> > Ok, I admit, I am inventing catchy new words here.
> And you're not the first one.

.. skipped ...

Was this my turn to get a spanking? My virtual cheeks are still burning :)

Yeah, I probably did not read carefully a nice and concise "process"
page on the Wiki, which addresses most of my worries:


I am still not convinced, however that the happy hippie anarchy is
right approach to the process, especially when it has to scale. Maybe
I am just too used to the W3C's strict steps, checks and boundaries.

And for crying outloud, when you say "do more research", point
someplace! Teach! :)

It's easy for you guys, being all in California and all, boiling in
the hottest soup of latest creme de la creme (organize a BarCamp?
Sure, come one over, it's three blocks away!). It's much harder for
bubs like myself in the land of Dixie.


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