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Trevor O'Reilly trevor at junkstream.com
Tue Aug 30 17:12:56 PDT 2005

>> I have a question regarding the conceptual space we are delimiting.
>> It´s actually a semantic doubt (redundancies aside :-) ). My doubt is
>> about the actual meaning of the word 'listing' in english. When in
>> english one reffers to a listing you may be refering to an offer or
>> asking for a used or new product, a job, accomodation or rent.. am I
>> right? is this the common use of the word 'listing'?. can it be
>> considered an equivalent of "classified ad"?
> Yes.

This seems like the right approach. The traditional classified ad 
categories (e.g. For Sale, Wanted, Services, Jobs, Real Estate, Events, 
Personals) are a good starting point, but we should probably try to 
narrow down the listing types that the microformat will support. For 
example, does it make sense to include events, when hCalendar already 
handles them quite well? Another concern would be "watering down" the 
format by supporting too large a variety of content types.

>> If so, should we be
>> looking at job, accomodations and rent listings at this moment too?
> I think so. There's probably enough similarity among these types of 
> listings to warrant investigating all of them.

I've added several new example sections (real estate, jobs) and moved 
some of the content into listing-formats:



Trevor O'Reilly
trevor at junkstream.com

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