[microformats-discuss] A microformat for expressing all your identities on social sites?

paolo massa massa at itc.it
Wed Aug 31 14:35:37 PDT 2005

I wrote a greasemonkey script called Identity Burro [1] 
that, when you navigate on the Web page of a certain user on (for
example) Flickr, it inserts into the Web page links to the page of the
same user on Del.icio.us, Technorati, CiteULike, WebJay,
Last.tm/Audioscrobbler, Rojo, 43things, 43places, AllConsuming,
See screenshots [2].
And of course it works also on the other sites. So when you visit (for
example) http://del.icio.us/zephoria, you get handy links to
http://flickr.com/photos/zephoria, http://last.fm/user/zephoria,
http://technorati.com/profile/zephoria, etc.

But what happen if a person does not "own" the same nickname on all
the sites? It is not easy at the moment to find all the identities of
a person.
I think we need a simple way to let user express their identies and
they could, of course, do it by embedding some microformat HTML code
into their blog or homepage. The code should be very very simple
something like a list of URLs (and possibly the nickname in that URL).
I looked into hCard and I didn't find a way to express this
information but maybe I'm wrong.

So according to the microformats process, I sent this email to see if
there is interest.
Then we should "Document current human behavior" on the microformats
wiki giving an answer to questions such as:
- are people already writing on their blogs which are their identities
on social sites?
- Do they already do it using some formats? 
- There are already formats for expressing your identities?

I wrote this idea on my blog at [3] in case you want to comment there.
I love microformats! ;-)


[1]  Identity Burro Greasemonkey script
[2] Screenshots
[3] Blog post about a microformat for identities

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