[microformats-discuss] A microformat for expressing all your identities on social sites?

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Wed Aug 31 17:19:47 PDT 2005

Look at xfn again. Specifically, rel="me".



On Aug 31, 2005, at 2:35 PM, paolo massa wrote:

> I wrote a greasemonkey script called Identity Burro [1]
> that, when you navigate on the Web page of a certain user on (for
> example) Flickr, it inserts into the Web page links to the page of the
> same user on Del.icio.us, Technorati, CiteULike, WebJay,
> Last.tm/Audioscrobbler, Rojo, 43things, 43places, AllConsuming,
> LiveJournal.
> See screenshots [2].
> And of course it works also on the other sites. So when you visit (for
> example) http://del.icio.us/zephoria, you get handy links to
> http://flickr.com/photos/zephoria, http://last.fm/user/zephoria,
> http://technorati.com/profile/zephoria, etc.
> But what happen if a person does not "own" the same nickname on all
> the sites? It is not easy at the moment to find all the identities of
> a person.
> I think we need a simple way to let user express their identies and
> they could, of course, do it by embedding some microformat HTML code
> into their blog or homepage. The code should be very very simple
> something like a list of URLs (and possibly the nickname in that URL).
> I looked into hCard and I didn't find a way to express this
> information but maybe I'm wrong.
> So according to the microformats process, I sent this email to see if
> there is interest.
> Then we should "Document current human behavior" on the microformats
> wiki giving an answer to questions such as:
> - are people already writing on their blogs which are their identities
> on social sites?
> - Do they already do it using some formats?
> - There are already formats for expressing your identities?
> I wrote this idea on my blog at [3] in case you want to comment there.
> I love microformats! ;-)
> P.
> [1]  Identity Burro Greasemonkey script
> http://moloko.itc.it/paoloblog/archives/2005/08/29/ 
> identity_burro_making_social_sites_more_social.html
> [2] Screenshots
> http://moloko.itc.it/paoloblog/archives/2005/08/29/ 
> identity_burro_making_social_sites_more_social.html#screenshots
> [3] Blog post about a microformat for identities
> http://moloko.itc.it/paoloblog/archives/2005/08/31/ 
> a_microformat_for_grouping_all_your_identities.html
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