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Emiliano Martinez Luque martinezluque at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 18:05:59 PDT 2005

Trevor and I have collected a nice set of samples of current practices. How 
do we move on? Help and guidance from the more experienced microformat 
community members (I'm just a server side scripter) would be appreciated for 
the next steps. 

Emiliano Martinez Luque

On 8/31/05, Emiliano Martinez Luque <martinezluque at gmail.com> wrote:
> This seems like the right approach. The traditional classified ad
> > categories (e.g. For Sale, Wanted, Services, Jobs, Real Estate, Events, 
> > Personals) are a good starting point, but we should probably try to
> > narrow down the listing types that the microformat will support. For
> > example, does it make sense to include events, when hCalendar already
> > handles them quite well? Another concern would be "watering down" the 
> > format by supporting too large a variety of content types.
>  I completely agree. Doing something that´s too complicated will defeat 
> the purpose of this. But I guess, since we are in the exploratory stages 
> looking at all types of listings makes sense. Particullarly for deciding in 
> the future how to narrow down to the basics of a format and what extensions 
> it should have. My guess (and it´s just a guess) is that at it´s most basic, 
> newspaper classified ads (which is from where all the web based listing 
> seems to have evolved), can be narrowed to type, title, description, 
> contact. But I think that looking at all of the current web based types (and 
> the specialized schemas for different types that seem to have evolved and 
> implemented by different sites) is a good starting point. BTW, is anybody 
> aware of any type of Job Offering and Asking XML vocabullary that has been 
> developed? I know of none and it might be a good reference. 
> I've added several new example sections (real estate, jobs) and moved
> > some of the content into listing-formats: 
>  You´ve done an amazing job, specially on categorizing the types of 
> listings. Do you believe that for the sake of simplicity we should group 
> rent and accomodation together? I´m not quite sure of that but I guess it 
> makes sense. I´ve added some others from sites around the world (I forgot to 
> login a couple of times, I´m sorry) some are quite big at their markets 
> (like the trader.com <http://trader.com> network), some are quite small. I 
> tried to look at a big sample from around the world.
>  Emiliano
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