[uf-discuss] Microformat Base

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 1 20:42:19 PST 2005

On 12/1/05 8:23 PM, "Scott Reynen" <scott at randomchaos.com> wrote:

> I thought I'd go ahead and play around with a microformat-based
> alternative to Google Base.  So far, I have a basic spider that I set
> loose from microformats.org to slowly wander the web.  When it finds
> any known microformat-associated class names, it records the data
> which can then be searched here:
> http://www.randomchaos.com/microformats/base/
> Or via URL like so:
> http://www.randomchaos.com/microformats/base/?key=fn&value=Tantek

Uh, WOW.

This is VERY cool.

> It's currently only looking for hcard and hcalendar class names.

Consider adding hReview as well!

> The spider can be invoked on a site manually like so:
> http://www.randomchaos.com/microformats/base/spider/?url=http://
> domain.com/path/to/microformat/
> All open source [1][2][3][4] if anyone wants to play with it.  It's
> pretty basic right now, but I'd be interested in any feedback you all
> have.

Well done Scott.

Definitely add it to the "Implementations" sections on the specs for hCard
and hCalendar and for sure on the implementations page


> [1] http://www.randomchaos.com/source/?source=http%3A%2F%
> 2Fwww.randomchaos.com%2Fmicroformats%2Fbase%2Fspider/index.php
> [2] http://www.randomchaos.com/source/?source=http%3A%2F%
> 2Fwww.randomchaos.com%2Fmicroformats%2Fbase%2Findex.php
> [3] http://www.randomchaos.com/source/?source=http%3A%2F%
> 2Fwww.randomchaos.com%2Fclass/mf_base_data.class.php
> [4] http://www.randomchaos.com/source/?source=http%3A%2F%
> 2Fwww.randomchaos.com%2Fclass/mf_base_source.class.php

Definitely include those links too.



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