[microformats-discuss] Extending the embedded information

Bud Gibson bud at thecommunityengine.com
Fri Jul 1 22:04:40 PDT 2005

On Jul 1, 2005, at 20:10, Ryan King wrote:

> First, you could always put the info on the page, but use a  
> display:none to hide it.
> Second, one of the observations that led to the creation of XFN,  
> was that we already use urls as a proxy to identify people. Given  
> that, why can't the link above (http://tantek.com) be enough?  
> Tantek could certainly have an identifying vcard on that page, or  
> could link to it with a rel="me".
> Perhaps there are other opinions here?

One way to think of this is as follows.  The microformat is a data  
transmission format as well as a display format.  Under this  
interpretation, the question is what is the minimal amount of  
information that fulfills the user's needs when they go to the hCard.

The answer for hCard would seem to be some minimal subset of  
information that would go on the whole card.  For instance, just the  
business contact information, maybe just a name.  You could then put  
links to fuller versions of the hCard.  These links would not need  
any special formatting but would lead to valid hCard entries.


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