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Dan Glegg (angryamoeba) subs at angryamoeba.co.uk
Sat Jul 2 14:53:23 PDT 2005

Hi all,

My name's Dan Glegg, and I'm a plain old web developer working with  
web applications in standards-compliant languages, and multimedia  
applications using actionscript. I'd like to chip off actionscript in  
favour of markup all the way, and things are starting to shape up in  
a way that makes that possible.

I've been developing applications for around eight years, and I'm  
interested in using microformats to convey metadata and licensing  
information relating to multimedia files (specifically audio in a  
purely selfish sense as I have an application in the works that could  
really do with it). I see this as extending and complimenting  
relLicense, but that's a decision to be made formally later down the  

I'm also interested in providing server-side helpers to let  
developers provide microformatted data more easily - and help them  
keep their microformat implementations up-to-date within their  
applications as these standards develop.

Oh, and I'm in england. Nice to meet you all.


p.s. List moderator, apologies for a stray mail from my other,  
default address. My mistake entirely.

On 2 Jul 2005, at 04:14, Ryan King wrote:

> We've had a lot of people join the list recently and most people  
> probably don't know who else is subscribed to the list (there's 51  
> total). So, some personal introductions are in order... I'll start:
> I'm Ryan King. I'm currently working at Technorati and studying at  
> the University of San Francisco. My background is in Computer  
> Science and most of my development experience is in web development  
> (html/css/php/(my|postgres)sql).
> I have a blog at http://theryanking.com/blog/.
> -ryan
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> Ryan King
> ryan at technorati.com
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