[microformats-discuss] Carl Beeth raises an interesting point

Joe Germuska Joe at Germuska.com
Fri Jul 8 07:49:52 PDT 2005

>Basically, Carl is proposing something like:
><a href="http://thecommunityengine.com/webcites" 
>class="xfolk">returns xFolk entries</a>
>to specify that the URL returns xFolk entries to extend his point 
>beyond the purely hCard specific.  I was sceptical of this idea at 
>first, but now think it makes a lot of sense and might actually be a 
>good convention to adopt as either a meta or basic microformat 
>(can't quite decide which, maybe a new category meta-basic).

I'm afraid that saying "check out XLink" will get a similar response 
to "doesn't RDF do those things?" but it's true that the spec 
considers this issue in great detail.



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