[microformats-discuss] Two usage scenarios

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Mon Jul 11 02:16:44 PDT 2005

In my continuing attempt to keep up with the latest greatest idea, I 
have two scenarios on Ecademy.com that would benefit from microformats. 
But it leads to questions.

1) We have a lot of meeting data and I'd really like to syndicate it. 
I've tried generating iCal files containing multiple events, but I've 
failed to get the format just right so it will import correctly in both 
Outlook and Sunbird. So then I started thinking about creating an RSS 
feed with embedded hCal data in the descriptions field. Is this a good 
approach? Are there others?

2) I'd like to start putting hCard data into our member profiles. I 
already have FOAF and vCard available. The catch here is that the basic 
page probably doesn't validate and by the time the user has inserted 
some fairly arbitrary html into their free form notes field, it almost 
certainly doesn't validate. The next problem is that laying out the 
human readable version doesn't quite lend itself to making the tags 
hCard compatible. So what I'm thinking is to link (rel alternate) to a 
separate hCard URL that contains a simple cut down version of the 
profile page containing just the hCard data where I would have complete 
control of both the html display and the hcard tags. Does this sound 
like a good idea? Lastly, I can't see any good tags in the vCard spec or 
elsewhere for defining a free form "long bio" (type TEXT in Mysql terms) 
data item containing limited html. Is there one?

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