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Hi there,

Happy to comment on geospatial stuff, but I like a challenge in other fields 
now and then... Why not use the "cite" attribute in <blockquote> and <q>?:

< blockquote cite=http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/text.html#adef-cite-Q" 

cite = uri [CT]
The value of this attribute is a URI that designates a source document or 
message. This attribute is intended to give information about the source 
from which the quotation was borrowed.

</ blockquote >

Kind regards,


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Subject: [microformats-discuss] Proposing RelSource

Hi everyone, I'm Andy Skelton, creator of http://blogsoftheday.com.
With this email I hope to spark some discussion on a microformat

Keeping an eye on BOTD's HotList, which uses traffic stats to rank
recent posts on participating blogs, I have discovered that most news
bloggers are getting their news from other bloggers or mainstream news
sites and very few are reporting first-hand. Most bloggers are already
posting links to their sources (cowpath) but these links are by no
means standardized (paving).

While this kind of news propagation is good, I believe the source
links should be recognized by machines and considered when listings
are generated by engines such as Technorati. To achieve this, I
propose a new microformat: RelSource. Authors can use it when they
quote, reference or discuss a news article reported by another online
source by adding rel="source" when they link to their sources.

<a href="http://blogsoftheday.com/?p=43" rel="source">BOTD
proposes</a> a new microformat.
Discussion of new RelSource microformat proposal... Source: <a
href="http://blogsoftheday.com/?p=43" rel="source">Blogs Of The

I await your ideas on this matter.

Andy Skelton
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