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Eran limbo at speakeasy.net
Mon Jul 11 13:19:58 PDT 2005

Hi Geof.

I've been thinking of putting some suggestions on blog post formats as
part of the citeRel proposition (at the very least a container, so that
we know what is a single post object) but I do believe it's  out of the
scope of that format. A separate format for blog posts (and maybe other
types of posts) would help immensly in tracking blog conversations.

For some information on citation formatting see:


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> Hello,
> I just joined the list.  The archive seems to be down or 
> non-existent, 
> so you'll have to forgive me if I haven't a clue.
> I am interested in a microformat for blog and forum posts.  I 
> have been 
> working on an web annotation tool for web forums which needs 
> to be able 
> to find individual posts in a discussion forum in order to 
> annotate them 
> and record metadata (title, author, post date, permalink).  I found 
> myself moving towards microformat-style markup, then discovered this 
> effort.
> Another part of the project is collecting metadata along with content 
> when a user perfoms a copy-paste operation from a post.  So, for 
> example, the copy operation could automatically prefix with 
> the title, 
> author, and date of the post.  For example:
>  From Online Discussion in Education by Cindy Xin on 16 June 
> 2005: Online discussion in education is a paradox.
> I see the current discussion about RelSource addresses how 
> this should 
> be formatted.  My main concern is with how to extract the 
> title, author, 
> etc. in the first place.  I have a Javascript hack which does this 
> automatically on Firefox, but it's a nasty hack.  A clean solution 
> requires a browser extension - which would be relatively 
> useless without 
> a standard.
> It may clarify to show what I'm doing at the moment.  The class names 
> (post excepted) match tag names in the Atom spec. T is any tag:
> <T class="post" id="id">
>  <T class="title">title</T>
>  <T class="author>author name</T>
>  <abbr class="created" title="iso date">human-readable 
> date</abbr>  <a href="permalink">...</a>  <T 
> class="content">post body</T> </T>
> The other major use I have been thinking about has probably been 
> discussed.  Search engines can't discover metadata that has 
> expired from 
> RSS or Atom syndication feeds, but which is still present on 
> the web in 
> X/HTML pages.  A post format would provide that metadata.
> My annotation and context-sensitive copy work is at 
> http://www.geof.net/code/annotation/, my blog includes some 
> discussion 
> of the issues at http://www.geof.net/blog/category/annotation.
> Geof
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