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Scott McMullan scott at jot.com
Wed Jul 13 10:51:12 PDT 2005

Hi I'm Scott McMullan, and was introduced to Microformats from one of Adam
Rifkin's posts late last year.  I'm currently heading up developer relations
at JotSpot (the "Application Wiki" company).

My background is a developer, majority back end, and I've been hacking
network apps since pre-web.  I got into web heavily in '97 building a
real-time web project collaboration product called TeamCenter.

TeamCenter was "real-time" similar SubEthaEdit, and was "firewall-friendly"
similar to mod-pubsub.  Except I used little Java applets instead of
Javascript... Ouch!  

I've also spent some time over at Berkeley at the Center for Document
Engineering working with more heavy-weight uses of XML & Schema.

My dual experience/wrestling w/rather heavyweight uses of XML in TeamCenter
and at Berekeley have made me extra super duper excited about Microformats,
and I want to start playing and evangelizing their use in JotSpot apps.



Scott McMullan
scott at jot.com
M: 415-902-2188
W: 650-320-9300 x122
B: http://developer.jot.com  
PB: http://scottmcmullan.com

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