[microformats-discuss] reblogging needs proper citation, source attribution, as does localization/translation

Eran limbo at speakeasy.net
Thu Jul 14 14:38:13 PDT 2005

Tantek Wrote:
> Reblogging should not mean stealing, but right now, this is 
> what often 
> appears to happen -- bloggers stealing content and not giving 
> attribution, nor linking to the source, nor distinguishing it from 
> their own content.  I'm sure we've all seen examples of this.

I've been thinking about a similar scenario lately. We're somewhat stuck
with regards to copyright and license information. Wide adoption of
rel=License would definitely be a big help in this case. Maybe some work
on HTMLizing CC's RDF based format? Anything to replace scraping and
guessing. Getting a reference to the original license/copyright would
enable to link to iy (assuming that re-blogging is within its limits,
otherwise, we might not won't to draw any undue attention) and even
modify access premisions to the re-blogged content accordingly.
> As Kevin pointed out, this problem has a lot of overlap with the 
> citation-brainstorming efforts, and solving this problem seems 
> *especially* critical for reblogging, especially perhaps citing the 
> "original" source (rel="original"?) in addition to citing 
> whereever the 
> content was reblogged from.

I think relForward is a good candidate for this kind of citation. See


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