[microformats-discuss] Developer Adoption

Carl Beeth carl.beeth at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 02:32:04 PDT 2005

>  I am trying to imagine that... but what does the browser *DO* with the
> microformat once it finds it?  Hands it over to the user's calendar app? 
> Adds a button next to it, ala greasemonkey?  I am trying to get a firm
> understanding of the user-space tools for microformats.

The first thing the browser needs to do is make the user aware that
it's there, maybe by displaying a little icon next to the cursor on
hover. The browser can then give the user a CHOICE of actions on right
click. In the case of a hcard they COULD be:
- Compose a new mail
- Add it to you address book
- Map the location
- Dial the number
- Display the local time
- Forward as vCard

Sorry for the late reply

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