[microformats-discuss] URIs please!

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Fri Jul 15 14:18:10 PDT 2005

On Jul 15, 2005, at 4:14 AM, brian suda wrote:
> Carl Beeth wrote:
>> So I can understand that there is a need to disambiguate and that  
>> Profiles do that. But would it not be possible to make a super  
>> profile
>> that contains a bunch of profiles? This way you declare once for the
>> page that you respect a bunch of microformats.
> The problem with making a super profile is that each DL/DD/DT are NOT
> named, so you would have a list of DLs on a page not knowning which
> represents which microformat. Then, you could also potentially have
> collistions between properties (eg URL in both hCard and hCal, in that
> example they both mean the same thing, but this will not always be
> true!). Also, if you reference the super profile you could be changing
> some of your CSS styles into microformats which is something you  
> maynot
> have intended.
> I do agree that microformats will probably be controled through a CMS
> and therefore parts (such as the head element) maynot be editable. But
> without a profile there is no way for a machine to be 100% sure you
> meant this to be a microformat and not just CSS styling, nor would  
> we be
> able to do auto-discovery via the profile="...". That would have to be
> moved to a LINK element (something else that is not usually accessible
> via CMSs).

Once more...

We've already covered this.

<link rel="profile" href=".." /> has already been proposed by Tantek  
and Eric at W3C.

<a rel="profile" href=".."> will likely be added, but don't expect it  
to happen today.


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