[microformats-discuss] Referencing hCards

Andy Hume andyhume at thedredge.org
Sat Jul 16 16:18:05 PDT 2005

> Does this make sense? Any thoughts?

Yeah, it sounds very interesting.

The issue of multiple hcards on a page is an interesting one. It is  
obviously important that machines and humans can distinguish how the  
hcard's relate to the page they are on. Do they belong to the page  
author, an agent or just someone who has commented on a page?

For example, if you are marking author contact details as <address  
class="vcard"> then it is important that X2V and other format parses  
can distinguish that as the page authors hcard as separate from other  
hcards on the page.

Of course this could just as easily be done with <div class="vcard"  
id"author_hcard">, but the address element is more logical in this  
case. Can X2V make that kind of distinction from the element type of  
the hcard container?



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