[uf-discuss] address and hcard

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Mon Nov 7 08:53:52 PST 2005

Hi Mark,

According tot he HTML spec, "address" is intended to reflect the  
author of -that- document (or perhaps a piece of it).  So, for a  
personal blog <address> would make sense.  However, for a phone book  
it would not.  In other words, we try as much as possible to  
accurately reflect the defined semantics, not just arbitrarily reuse  
tags that "seem" appropriate.

Does that make sense?

-- Ernie P.

On Nov 7, 2005, at 5:29 AM, Online Commmunications wrote:

> I've only just started reading the microformats wiki, and to be  
> honest I've only browsed the contents, so apologies if this is a  
> dumb question. Why isn't <address><address/> used in the hcard  
> microformat, specifically for the adr microformat? It just seems  
> that it is the most semantically appropriate element to use rather  
> than retrofitting a div or a span. Maybe I'm missing something, as  
> I have noticed a real attention to detail in the draft specifications.
> Can somebody clue me in?
> Cheers
> Mark T
> http://marktsinfoblog.blogspot.com
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