[uf-discuss] Microformat expansion engine

Cris Perdue cris at perdues.com
Mon Nov 7 18:35:19 PST 2005


Members of this community might be interested in the first release of a 
client-side engine that can expand the HTML of certain classes of 
microformats.  My application for this has been to experiment with 
describing the intended formatting of pages concisely where real-world 
CSS is not able to do the job alone.  The designer can write the page 
using design-oriented microformats that expand before being presented to 
the end user.  The idea is to further improve the cleanliness of the 
HTML source code for pages beyond what we can accomplish currently with 
CSS. The engine could also be used to help generate the display for 
semantic microformats such as hcard, hcalendar, etc..

I am calling this use of microformats "macroformats" with the intention 
to indicate that the engine will macro-expand the HTML source code -- to 
indicate that it allows definition of "microformat macros".

More detailed information, several examples, and an implementation are at:


Cris Perdue

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