[uf-discuss] generic microformat parsing heuristics?

David Janes -- BlogMatrix davidjanes at blogmatrix.com
Wed Nov 9 04:55:59 PST 2005

Phil (or Danny),

If you have the time, what would a triple store for, say Neil Dunn's [1] 
and Ryan's [2] hCards (together, perhaps) look like?

Regards, etc...

[1] http://www.ndunn.com/2005/10/7/hCard
[2] http://theryanking.com/blog/contact/

Phil Dawes wrote:
> Danny Ayers wrote:
>> (To clarify: RDF is only one way of doing this, but personally I'm way
>> too lazy to be interested in inventing others...).
> I've got far too much time on my hands, so here's mine:
> http://tagtriples.sf.net/
> Cheers,
> Phil

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