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Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Wed Nov 9 07:05:18 PST 2005

Le 2005-11-08 à 17:40, Chris Hibbert a écrit :

>> The chance for microformats (and RDF in general) is to have engines
>> implementing well defined "schemas". A web site has disappeared
>> unfortunately, I should have taken a screenshot. It was a tool to
>> conceive blogging templates so you don't have to type values.
>>     http://reger.com/biz/what-is-datablogging.log
> Is this the same thing?
> http://reger.com/about/what-is-datablogging.log

Yes Chris thanks.

That is an effort to ease authoring of structured data. It's cool. I  
wish we had system a bit like let's say Office (ouch did I say that?)  
where there are templates to edit an address in a letter.

Moving forward step by step, that's cool.

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