[uf-discuss] tel scheme for hcard? - RFC 2806

Karl Dubost karl at w3.org
Thu Nov 10 12:53:26 PST 2005


I was looking at examples of hcard and the one based on the RFC and I  
wondered about the tel: scheme. See below.

2.4.2 VCARD

AGENT:BEGIN:VCARD\nFN:Joe Friday\nTEL:+1-919-555-7878\n
TITLE:Area Administrator\, Assistant\n EMAIL\;TYPE=INTERNET:\n
jfriday at host.com\nEND:VCARD\n

This vCard fragment has one property whose value is another vCard,  
and could be represented as an hCard fragment with an embedded hCard,  
literally (with the unnecessary type=internet default omitted, and  
the implied n optimization):

<div class="agent vcard">
  <a class="email fn" href="mailto:jfriday at host.com">Joe Friday</a>
  <div class="tel">+1-919-555-7878</div>
  <div class="title">Area Administrator, Assistant</div>


-- hcard-examples - Microformats
Thu, 20 Oct 2005 15:39:01 GMT

Why not using the RFC 2806
URLs for Telephone Calls

This document specifies URL (Uniform Resource Locator) schemes "tel",
    "fax" and "modem" for specifying the location of a terminal in the
    phone network and the connection types (modes of operation) that can
    be used to connect to that entity. This specification covers voice
    calls (normal phone calls, answering machines and voice messaging
    systems), facsimile (telefax) calls and data calls, both for POTS  
    digital/mobile subscribers.

Wed, 26 Apr 2000 16:15:35 GMT

Your example will become.

<div class="agent vcard">
  <a class="email fn" href="mailto:jfriday at host.com">Joe Friday</a>
  <a class="tel"      href="tel:+1-919-555-7878</a>
  <div class="title">Area Administrator, Assistant</div>


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