[uf-discuss] Formatting of Movie Credits information

S. Sriram ssriram at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 17:44:08 PST 2005

From: "David Janes -- BlogMatrix" <davidjanes at blogmatrix.com>
> I'm wondering if something more lightweight is needed in the world of
> Google Bases and the potential rapid proliferation of data for the same.
> In particular, is there the need for an explicit way of marking that a
> particular definition list is the metadata for a particular object? Then
> process of  e.g. making a "movie credits microformat" is to use that +
> here's a list of standard terms.

This was what a micro-microformat for an item hoped
to accomplish.

At the outset let me state, that none of what follows precludes
the use of a 'specific' microformat for the entity noted.

A product, movie credit, review, blog post etc. all are 'items'
with an optional link, title & description.

Yes, <li> is a 'micro-microformat' for an item. But it
imposes a design restraint and one still needs some standard
terms for link, title & description.

So, for a <span, <div or similar tag to be used it would
require a class="..." (or similar) microformat.

Now, XOXO allows one to layout an outline/blogroll but would
not be able to address a generic container that could be used for
say a movie credit

Whereas something like what follows might

Assuming gitem, gtitle, glink & gdescription were the generic terms
for item, title, link & description respectively

<div class="gitem moviecredit">
 <a href="http://bla-bla.com class="gtitle glink">The Bla Bla Movie</a>
 <div class="gdescription">
 Various microformat descriptors could optionally be used here.

The only requirement this imposes is the use of common terms i.e.
  gitem, gtitle, glink & gdescription

Here is how hReview would look
 **Note the addition of 'item' and 'title'

<div class="**gitem hreview">
 <span><span class="rating">5</span> out of 5 stars</span>
 <h4 class="summary"><span class="item fn **gtitle">Crepes on Cole</span> is
 <span>Reviewer: <span class="reviewer fn">Tantek</span> -
 <abbr class="dtreviewed" title="20050418T2300-0700">April 18,
 <blockquote class="description"><p>
  Crepes on Cole is one of the best little creperies in San Francisco.
  Excellent food and service. Plenty of tables in a variety of sizes
  for parties large and small.  Window seating makes for excellent
  people watching to/from the N-Judah which stops right outside.
  I've had many fun social gatherings here, as well as gotten
  plenty of work done thanks to neighborhood WiFi.
 <p>Visit date: <span>April 2005</span></p>
 <p>Food eaten: <span>Florentine crepe</span></p>

If Crepes on Cole had a url that would be class="glink"
Also note that description has been 're-used'

Note: the prefix 'g' is merely a placeholder, it maybe easiest to
have no prefix, (in which case the clash between the hReview item
and the generic item could be resolved either by parsing out the outer
block or by microformats.org standardising on the generic names and
not using them in the specific formats).

'moviecredit' or other descriptive 'tags' such as 'hReview'
could be added on an ad-hoc
basis (with or without an existing dictionary/microformat). A generic
parser could strip pages into their 'items' and 'specific parsers'
(where available) could further breakdown each individual item
into their corresponding elements, for microformats that it understood.

S. Sriram

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