[uf-discuss] Microformats and Spam

Andy Hume andyhume at thedredge.org
Fri Nov 18 09:21:17 PST 2005

Hi guys,
>> http://usabletype.com/articles/2005/usable-microformats/
> I searched the entire article for "none" both in the text and the  
> code and
> didn't find any instances.  Therefore there is no use of  
> "display:none" and
> no hidden text via CSS.

That page does in fact include a vCard which is hidden via an  
external style sheet with something like:

address .vcard {display:none;}
> As said before, microformats encourage the use of *visible data*, not
> invisible (meta)data, and thus microformats agrees with the  
> position that
> you should NOT use CSS to hide microformatted content.

This is a concept I hadn't heard voiced before, and I guess I agree  
in principle.

However, microformats could be powerful tool for marking up invisible  
meta data. It's machine readable, and essentially human readable as  
well. The only difference is the author has chosen to hide it in  
their presentation of the document.


Andy Hume

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