[uf-discuss] hCa* CATEGORIES as TAGS

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 17:17:45 PST 2005

I have recently been working on an internal search spider.
Specifically to index pages with microformat content and to aggrigate
them. (nothing akin to the Google Base).

My question is this: Can we consider the property CATEGORIES inside a
vCard and/or iCalendar file, equivalent to a rel="tag"? or should we?

My spider is looking for pages with rel="tag" so that it can index
them into a TAGS database table. Now when it comes across the X2V
link, the response is a flat vCard. That data in saved and indexed,
but knows nothing of the original encoded HTML. I have also been
parsing the vCard, so were normally an HTML file <title> element is
used, the vCard FN is its replacement. Is it wrong then to parse the
CATEGORIES properties and insert those values into the TAGS table.

The benefit is when you get a breakdown by TAG, that flat vCard, iCal
is included. So if i want to see all objects categorized as
"Conference" i will see all the blog posts AND the iCalendars to
subscribe too.

Is this an abuse? because you could always just mark-up the hCard with:
<span class="category"><a href="../tag/Conference"
But this is asserting a relation between this HTML page an the TAG,
not the iCalendar file and the tag?

any thoughts?

brian suda

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