[uf-discuss] Indicating the author of a web page

Robert Bachmann rbach at rbach.priv.at
Wed Nov 23 10:25:14 PST 2005

Ryan King wrote:
> On Nov 22, 2005, at 9:56 AM, Robert Bachmann wrote:
>> Carl Beeth wrote:
>>> The most elegant solution would be to make the reviewer optional if
>>> there is an author indicated on page level. BTW is there a
>>> microformated way to indicate the author of a web page?
>> IMO a suitable HTML idiom is:
>>  <addr class="vcard">...</addr>
>> Example:
>>  <addr class="vcard"><a href="http://example.com" class="fn url">John
>>  Doe</a></addr>
>> For multiple authors there are at least two possiblities:
>> #1: Using two hcards inside of one address element.
>> #2: Using two address elements with the class value "vcard".
>> I leave it to the list to decide which one is more elegant.
>> My question is: Should this be part of the hcard spec?
> See #1 here: http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard-faq

If read it weeks ago but it doesn't answer my question.
I'm not suggesting that hcard should recommend <address>'s for *every*

My question is:
Should the hcard specification recommend the use of <address> where it
makes sense, i.e: where the hcards purpose is "to supply contact
information for a document or a major part of a document such as a form."

I know this is somewhat covered by
"2. Use the most accurately precise semantic XHTML building block for
each object etc."
but I think it would be good to state this more explicitly.

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