communications log, "tel" microformat? (was Re: [uf-discuss]Paving the cowpaths?)

Simon Kittle si at
Thu Nov 24 10:57:42 PST 2005

> I'm curious, do people think there are sufficient examples of 
> "naked" phone numbers on the web (outside of contact 
> information for a specific person or
> organization) to justify the creation of an elemental "tel" 
> microformat to mark them up explicitly?

For what it's worth with my limited knowledge, I'd probably say no having
now thought about it a little.  

The only couple of examples I can think of would be the communications log
I'm talking about, and situations where telephone numbers are associated
more with a service than an person / organisation.  

For example here in the UK SMS/text number services are very common.  You
text a number and it sends you a cell phone game or ringtone, or the latest
sports scores.  People don't think of those numbers as attached to the
organisation behind the game but rather more like a URL as somewhere you can
"go" to get (or request) the game/info.  But they're hardly widespread.

- Simon

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