communications log, "tel" microformat? (was Re: [uf-discuss]Paving the cowpaths?)

Jon Tan microformats at
Sat Nov 26 15:31:25 PST 2005

Simon Kittle" <si at> wrote:

>The other thing would be in the prinicple of "going with what works now":
>putting a telephone in an anchor tag like that would obviously mean it's
>displayed as a valid, navigate-able link which would be confusing (and
>possibly annoying?) for users who then might try to click on the link.
>Maybe this point will be moot in 2 or 3 years if peoples PC are hooked into
>their phones as a defacto standard, but I think if I was to visit a website
>now and every telephone number was a hyperlink to a browser error message
>I'd probably be a little fed up before long.

An explanation after the number or use of the title attribute might solve an 
interim lack of support for calls from hyperlinks. I've done no testing 
around tel specifically but I do know that Skype does accept the callto URI 
scheme although RFC3966[1] and the previous RFC2806[2] state it as being 

Jon Tan

[1] RFC3966:
[2] RFC2806: 

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