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Chris Hibbert chris at commerce.net
Tue Nov 29 17:10:54 PST 2005

> I was just rereading this post for thoughts on marking up titles. At
> the same time, the thread on invisible data got me to thinking:
> --- Chris Hibbert <chris at commerce.net> wrote:
>> [omitted]
> So why have the non-visible data?
> You have the title visible AND invisible with a link. Why not just
> combine them into something like:
> <div class="hreview">
>      <span class="version" style="display: none;">0.2</span>
>      <abbr class="dtreviewed" title="20051108T2318-0700"></abbr>
>          <span class="description">
>        <p>
>     <a href="http://www.rebelfirerock.com/" class="item url fn
> title-book">RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone</span>

Sometimes the title isn't the first thing in the review.  I didn't 
realize that I could markup the item identifier inside the hreview's 
description.  Thanks for pointing that out.  That will simplify things.

> Note that I  also deleted the "reviewed by" piece with you also had
> invisible. In looking at your blog
> (http://pancrit.blogspot.com/2005/11/rebelfire-out-of-gray-zone.html) I
> see that at the end of the posting is "posted by Chris Hibbert". 
> Couldn't that be marked up to be the reviewer section of the hReview?

I looked into this once, and didn't see how to modify this cleanly on 
blogger.  Blame me for using the wrong tool (or not knowing how to use 
it?), but that's what I have.

> ~ Tim

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