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Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 13:04:00 PST 2005

Hmm, seems you have the model on its head... Shouldn't the wisdom of
the crowd, all linking to a site and tagging it a certain way provide
potentially better authority (since altogether the self-interest
motivator would be lessened via distribution) than a sole author
identifying itself?

That is, while I can use metatags (dead as they are) to describe my
site, I think that the spam factor has proven the value of internal
metadata on a site is much less than the tags provided from without.
Or at least, that's technorati's bet (presumably).

I guess I wonder how your proposal plays out when you really get into
the messiness of the web.... it sounds like you want something top
down but IME, you really have to design for utter chaos. Does your
model account for that?


On 11/30/05, Ryan Cannon <ryan at ryancannon.com> wrote:
> > As Chris already meantioned, see http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-
> > directory. Also, see http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-tag.
> Looking at the ideas behind rel-tag and rel-directory, I think we're
> close. But these systems seem a little too democratic to be well
> implemented for searching, because entity creating the link is
> defining the "tag" and not the entity creating the document.
> >> Search for words: "Disney"
> >> In websites about: "Tourism"
> >> and not about: "Stores OR Merchandise"
> >>
> >
> > Please excuse the gratuitous mention of my employer, but you can do
> > this on technorati already. For example, this search will give you
> > [most of] what you ask for:
> >
> > http://technorati.com/search/disney?blogtag=tourism
> Theoretically a search for
> http://example.com/search/pepsi?tag=crap
> would turn up www.pepsi.com if a Coca-Cola web site (or a blogger,
> organic food sponsor, random terrorist) included a link on their site
> such as <a href="http://www.pepsi.com" rel="tag">crap</a>.
> What the Internet lacks is the ability for a site to define its genre
> or subject matter, to say, "this is who I am!".
> Does this make sense?
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> >
> > (we don't have complex blogtag queries, just simple inclusion).
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