[uf-discuss] Incompleteness in xhtml2vcal.xsl

Abramo Bagnara abramobagnara at tin.it
Wed Nov 30 14:55:56 PST 2005

I've just realized that this xslt stylesheet does not cope correctly
with sub-properties like that:

<span class="attendee">
  <abbr class="role" title="req-participant">Required participant</abbr>:
  <a class="cn" href="mailto:abramobagnara at tin.it">Abramo Bagnara</span>

to generate:
ATTENDEE;ROLE=REQ-PARTICIPANT;CN=Abramo Bagnara:MAILTO:abramobagnara at tin.it

I've also verified that similar vcard construct with sub-properties are
taken in account by xhtml2vcard.xsl

Is this behaviour wanted?

I interpret correctly hCalendar specification that that above is the
correct way to represent that iCalendar data or I'm missing something?

I've a doubt if <a> element can map to both ATTENDEE value (via href
attribute value) and CN param (via text content and element class

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