[microformats-discuss] XOXO use case

Manuel González Noriega manuel.gonzalez.noriega at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 09:05:52 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I'd like to introduce myself to the group. My name is Manuel, I'm from
Spain. [¿Cómo van tus estudios de español Mark? ;) ]

Regarding the very interesting thread regarding microformats
usefulness, I'd like to present you with the use I intend to make of
one of them (XOXO) and the benefit I'm expecting to gain therefore.
I'd like to be corrected if any of my assumptions are wrong.

* I'm writing, as a side project, a run-of-the-mill Web 2.0 project,
complete with white background, lime green 18px Arial headings and
every other Flickr inherited cliché I can think of. (1)

* Most of the screens will be listings consisting of items composed by
several well known players : "The Title", "The Excerpt", "The
[Optional] Thumbnail", "The Source"  For "The Excerpt" and "The Date"

* I want to mark up the listings as XOXO lists. What for? Well,
because I trust the strictness of the format to automagically convert
the plain 'pages' in a easily retrievable list of items, for external
parties to grab, transform and remix if necessary.  I expect XOXO to
help the listing progress from mere 'page' to 'data source'.

Mostly, I see microformats as 'inexpensive APIs' to complement other
building blocks such as syndication feeds, formal REST APIs, RDF/SQL
dumps, etc in the struggle to share as much data as possible and make
it easy discoverable.

Please, enlighten me if I'm way off-track and thanks for your great
contributions to the evolution of the web :-)

(1) Not every cliché. Just most.

a veces :) a veces :(
pero siempre trabajando duro para Simplelógica: apariencia,
experiencia y comunicación en la web.
http://simplelogica.net # (+34) 985 22 12 65

¡Ah! y escribiendo en Logicola: http://logicola.simplelogica.net

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