[microformats-discuss] Why XOX-REST discussion is important

Dimitri Glazkov dimitri.glazkov at gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 11:53:14 PDT 2005

Just writing some idealistic thoughts down. XOXR is important, because:

* It will open the ground for post-screen-scraping "mash-up"
applications. Sorry about using the catchy word of the week (and not
this week either), but the need to invent things like OpenSearch API,
RSS, Flickr API or even AWS woud simply _not_be_there_. If an app
generates markup with XOXR in mind, the question of open API is
trivial and irrelevant.

* It will pave the way for thinking of Web content as XHTML-serialized
data, rather than a "Web page". Next step -- standardizing
serialization of data structures using XHTML. The last scaffolding
you'll ever have to write. The last WebControl (.NET) you'll ever have
to write. Server dudes finally get to the point where markup is
primarily vendor-generated, not developer-generated. Plug-n-play web
frameworks, here we come.


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