[uf-discuss] rel-xxx proposal

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 13:55:37 PDT 2005


I don't know of any current Microformat that covers this topic or
anything in the wild that covers it either.  Here's basically what I

    <a rel="xxx" href="http://xxx-site.example.com/">XXX Site</a>

This proposed Microformat is a way for page to "mark" what's at the
end of the href -- in this case http://xxx-site.example.com/ -- is an
XXX site.

In my work creating IPTV sites and software, there is a need to mark
linked content as being XXX.  (That way parents could potentially
write/install user scripts to filter out all XXX content for their
kids.  Or if someone wanted to just focus this type of content, they
could do that too.  Etc.  There's alot more creative ways of making
use of that too.)

(I'll spare everyone a long list of use cases, social dynamics,
usability issues, etc.)


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