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Greg Elin greg at fotonotes.net
Sun Oct 30 05:58:51 PST 2005


Thanks for the link. Many aspects of image metadata are well included  
in EXIF standard. My point was that sadly HTML gives us only ONE tag  
for including images. We have no HTML tags for rendering EXIF  
metadata and as a result presenting or creating behaviors around EXIF  

As I have discussed in other situations (and a large motivation  
behind my work with FotoNotes) is that EXIF metadata tends to focus  
on the visual artifact that is a photograph (the pixel space), with a  
dirth of parameters to describe the stories embedded in a photo (the  
information space).

It is a great loss that browsers have the power to crack open the  
JPEG file and uncompress binary data to display data but entirely  
ignores embedded metadata text like EXIF.

Greg Elin

On Oct 29, 2005, at 11:15 AM, Scott Reynen wrote:

> Greg Elin wrote:
>> Other aspects of digital imagery is on the tip of our mainstream  
>> consciousness even if we are still groping for household names,  
>> concepts like: who, where, when, device, resolution, altered,  
>> pixels, file-photo.
> I'm not entirely following this image thread, but I believe all of  
> the above is covered in the EXIF standard, which is in widespread use:
> http://www.exif.org/
> Peace,
> Scott
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